Mystery Train to D.C. / Return to Sender

This is just too good to be true. A whole website dedicated to the classically absurd meeting between Elvis Presley and Richard Nixon on December 21, 1970.  And it is a US Government website - we the people own this URL!  When Nixon Met Elvis

Here is page one of the actual letter handwritten by Elvis on American Airlines stationery, requesting to be made a "Federal Agent at large", explaining that "the drug culture and hippie elements do not consider me their enemy, or as they call it the establishment". There are the notes from Nixon's 'people' advising that it would be "extremely beneficial for the President to build some rapport with Presley". There is the meeting agenda including the absurd suggestion that Presley record an album "Get High On Life". There are photos and outtakes of the "event".  And it is all downloadable. 

But I'm gonna stop. You've got to take the mystery train right now to this terrific website, and have some fun for yourself.

Gun given by Elvis to Nixon as gift