godlis boy pix

yeah, that's me as a little kid - "godlis boy", trying to make perfect sense of a twin lens reflex. i don't remember that camera or this moment. but because someone took the time to shoot not one, but several pictures of me, totally enmeshed in a struggle to make sense of this little plastic machine, I  now actually have a memory of this fleeting precious moment. the camera i do remember playing with a few years later was a classic brownie hawkeye twin lens. a bit sturdier than this one, i loved looking down into the viewfinder and trying to walk around the room using that image as my seeing eye dog. i never really shot any pictures on it.

Actually this is the kind of picture I would have taken - if i wasn't the kid in it. i'm guessing my father took this one (though my mother always claimed credit for taking all the pictures in the family, she appeared in way too many of those same wonderful pictures for her claim to be true).  but i'm pretty sure that she picked out my awesome shoes.

"godlis boy" - years later,  in high school, that was my nickname on the swimming team. kinda rolls off the tongue, fun to say. so in the spirit of fun, i present a few more godlis boy pix, from my personal snapfolio collection.  dig 'em.