talking pictures

Ray Davies, NYC 1977

Have you heard the Kinks song "there's too much on my mind"? Well it seems I've been keeping it all well hidden lately. I'm all photography all the time. But lately I think I've got myself a case of the "Not talking enough photography blues". Been neglecting my duties. Taking too much time off. Now I'm back with a vengeance.

Speaking of the Kinks, have you heard their song "Picture Book"? I love that one. It didn't even bother me to see it in an HP advert a few years back - that song deserved the big replay. But how did HP not follow it up with "People Take Pictures of Each Other" (...just to prove that they really existed!) from the same great LP Village Green Preservation Society?? Ray Davies - he should really be doing the Nikon ads instead of Ashton Kutcher.

And then there's my other crazy photo centric favorite Bob Dylan. "Big Joe Turner looking east and west from the darkroom of his mind". I've got way too much to say about Dylan and photography, so I'm going to save that for the next post.

In the meantime, I've included the photo I took of Mr. Ray Davies on August 16, 1977, on the upper west side of New York City, the day Elvis Presley died. There was definitely too much on all our minds that day.