Metal Matzoh Music - Inside Streit's Matzoh Factory

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We went down to Rivington Street last weekend for an unleavened tour, behind the scenes, of the Streit's Matzoh Factory. Look at us here with all the Shomer Shabos bakers - that's the "secret society" of religious Jews that are required to mix the flour and water that starts the mysterious 18 minute process of baking Kosher Matzohs. Can you believe they let us in there? Shomer Shabbos I'm not (say Shomer Shabbos 3 times for a good laugh).  All together now - Streit's Matzoh Rules! 


mixing it up with the kids

the mixing department

18 minutes later...

tuning up the oven

hot off the press

mix-master machine


From the mixing department, through the hotter than the Egyptian sun ovens, naturally cooled in cute metal racks on runners, the matzoh is then hand packed into classic pink boxes.  A matzoh factory in converted tenement buildings.  A family owned business for 100 years. All this for the staple of a 10 day holiday. God Bless Streit's Matzohs!

cooling down

matzoh rapping machine

cracking up

all lined up - the matzoh factory

hot off the press

classic pink passover boxes

cutting it down to size

leaning tower of matzoh

window display

window display

matzoh - the early years

all photos © GODLIS