Coming Soon to a Coffee Table near you.  Funded by Kickstarter, Godlis' CBGB Punk Photo Book HISTORY IS MADE AT NIGHT - PHOTOGRAPHS 1976-1979 has gone to press  and will be out JUNE 2016. Here are a few images. Watch here for more details on how to purchase.


Ramones, CBGB's 1977

Alex Chilton, Bowery 1977

Ramones, Bowery 1977

Christopher Parker, Bowery 1977

Jim Jarmusch, Bowery 1978

Patti Smith, Bowery 1976

Talking Heads, CBGB's 1977

Suicide, CBGB 1977

Richard Hell, Bowery rainstorm 1977

Hilly Kristal, Bowery 1977

Stiv Bators, Divine CBGB 1978

Blondie, CBGB 1977

No Wave Punks, Bowery 1978

Photos © GODLIS - all rights reserved