My Night with the Analog Mafia - Richard Bellia's "Grunge" photos at Agnes b.


I was shooting the Opening Friday night at Agnes b.'s Store & Galereie on 50 Howard Street, of Richard Bellia's  "Grunge" photographs - an event that timed out nicely with the Nirvana reunion at the Barclays center the night before - thoughts of Joan Jett singing "Teen Spirit" were still running through my pointed little head.  "Hear we are now! Entertain us!.  

Did I mention that Richard is French? Well, he showed up with his gang of film camera, digital bashing enthusiasts whom I quickly dubbed the "Analog Mafia",  and the battle to entertain was on! The French sure love their photography - I've been to Arles Rencontres and spent many a night drinking fine wine and debating every minute aspect of the art of photography.  God love them - they invented it. So I was ready and armed this weekend -with my fab new Fuji Film digital camera - to take on Richard Bellia and his  "Analog Mafia".  Much fun was had. Many pictures were taken. Richard, his partner Isabelle Jacquemond, and pal Renaud Ruhlmann all shot analog.  I shot digital. But I was the only one who could show you the picture I just shot. Of course that was scoffed at as just a "little poof"  by the Analog Mafia.  Smells like Teen Spirit to me. "Oh well, whatever, never mind." 

catch the Exhibition running thru May 4 - 50 Howard St. NYC

all photos by GODLIS


Richard Bellia outside the gallery with his gear.

Richard Bellia & Isabelle Jaquemond on Bond street

Renaud Ruhlmann with Isabelle

Richard & Isabelle on Bond St.

Isabelle Jacquemond